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24 Sep How to Wear the Spanish Style Trend

Now that it's spring in the southern hemisphere we finally get to embrace all of the trends that have hit the Spring/Summer runways, both from last year and those still taking place as we speak. And after seeing how the rest of the world wore them during their summer, we can focus on the trends that stood the test of time. Recently I  listed the spring trends that are practical for travel but today I thought I'd focus on one trend in particular, which is inspired completely by a travel destination. Enter Spanish style. Matadors and flamenco dancers are the inspiration behind this season's most romantic and dramatic dressing. Traditional dress is deconstructed down its vibrant, seductive and voluminous elements. Ruffled skirts are rivaled by ruffled tops that sit off the shoulder and soak up the sun. This season you will notice an influx of Spanish style in high-street stores so here's a look at where the trend evolved from and how to wear it in the season ahead...
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Queenstown Restaurants

11 Sep A Guide to Visiting Queenstown in Winter

My recent trip to Queenstown was quite a different experience to all of my other travels as a blogger. First of all, our plans were locked in well in advance. Usually I am constantly tweaking my itinerary to fit in as many blogging commitments as possible. Secondly, and definitely the reason it was more set in stone, I was traveling with my very organised bestie for a personal holiday. As ridiculous as it may sound, traveling without working when you are a travel blogger can be really hard. You're used to stopping every 10 meters to take a photo and spending hours on end in obscured places waiting for the light to be just right. Not wanting to drive my friends crazy, I made a conscious decision to really wind back on my blogging activities. My experience in Queenstown was absolutely fantastic and traveling with a group meant that I experienced a broader range of activities than if I was going solo. Because we covered so much in just 5 days I wanted to share all of my tips with you and show off the beauty of this rugged destination... 
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Spring fashion Marks and Spencer

02 Sep Spring Fashion Trends Perfect for Travel

The arrival of a new season not only marks a change in our wardrobe options but also opens up new locations and destinations for travel. In spring, outfit choices are more about soaking up the sun again and being playful with light, floaty fabrics. On the travel front, gardens and beaches open back up for business as destinations prepare for a busy summer influx. As we mark the first week of spring here in Australia I wanted to share with you my favourite pieces for making an easy transition out of winter. Longer hemlines are balanced with bare shoulders and shoes are back to baring ankles. Some spring fashion trends in particular work well for travel, striking a balance between practicality and style. Lets take a look at the pieces that do it best, without breaking the bank...
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lava fields Savaii

29 Aug Visiting the Lava Fields in Samoa

Samoa is a spectacularly lush island destination in the Polynesian region of the Pacific Islands. From its palm-covered hills to its staggering waterfalls and crystal clear water, Samoa encompases everything you'd expect from an exotic and undisturbed paradise. There is both beauty and ferocity in Samoa's natural wonders, something that is most evident in the lava fields of Savai'i. This spectacular site, tucked away on 'big island', is a breathtaking and eerie reminder of the devastation that Mother Nature can inflict on the land. You might recognise these lava fields from my Samoa Travel Guide but this time we take a closer look around the site and learn how you can explore it yourself...
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Top 10 Cute Cafes

18 Aug 10 Cute Cafes from Across the World

Cafes are more than just our daily source of caffeine. Their four walls often create a haven from the outside elements and an escape from the responsibilities of home and work. Until a few years ago I didn't even like coffee but still made trips to the local cafe simply to sit and watch the world go by (and get my afternoon hot chocolate fix). Here in Sydney the cafe scene has absolutely boomed, with coffee spots popping up in unassuming warehouses, often roasting their own beans on site. All of that competition has seen each new space offer up more than just a good drop. Meticulously-styled interiors are paired with traditional comforts to create an authentic space to immerse yourself in. When traveling, cafes are a great way to experience life like a local and learn about a culture with some good ol' people-watching. So that you can find the best spot to make yourself at home in, I've compiled 10 cute cafes from across the world that have taken coffee nooks to a new level. From Paris, to Amsterdam and New York, there's bound to be a cafe that lines up with your bucket list...
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