10 of the Most Cute Cafes in the World

Cute cafes are more than just our daily source of caffeine. Their four walls often create a haven from the outside elements and an escape from the responsibilities of home and work. Until a few years ago I didn’t even like coffee but still made trips to the local cafe simply to sit and watch the world go by (and get my afternoon hot chocolate fix). Here in Sydney the coffee scene has absolutely boomed, with cute cafes popping up in unassuming warehouses, often roasting their own beans on site. When traveling, cafes are a great way to experience life like a local and learn about their culture with some good ol’ people watching. So that you can find the best spot to make yourself at home in, I’ve compiled 10 cute cafes from across the world that have taken coffee nooks to a new level…

10 Cute Cafes


1. Love Supreme Coffee in Dublin, Ireland.

Love Supreme Coffee serves up an extensive range of handmade chocolates with its coffee, which I can only imagine would warm the soul in chilly Ireland. I love how its exterior is simple and bold, yet somehow manages to look at home amongst the terrace houses.

57 Manor St

StoneyBatter, Dublin 7

Cute Cafes: Love Supreme Coffee

Via A Thousand Threads blog. 

2. Shakespeare and Company in Paris, France.

Shakespeare and Company is a bookshop cafe with views of the Notre-Dame and plenty of vegetarian options. I walked passed the bookshop almost every day when I visited Paris in 2013 and can’t wait to return so that I can hang out in the cafe which opened last year.

37 rue de la Bûcherie

75005 Paris

Cute Cafes: Shakespeare and Co

Via Zoey Bloom on Instagram.

3. Holiday Cafe in Paris, France.

Holiday Cafe is everything you would expect from a Parisian cafe. Bistro-style chairs, sprawling vines and a statement window-awning complete this perfect picture. Their Instagram account is also a great source of inspiration with illustrations and architecture from the streets of Paris.

192 Avenue de Versailles

Paris 16

Holiday Cafe Paris

Via Mon Ceil blog.

4. Heritage Outpost in Chicago, USA.

Heritage Outpost is the coffee-focused branch of Heritage General Store, a communal space where handcrafted bicycles can be purchased alongside coffee beans. I love the concept of retail and dining coming together to celebrate a particular lifestyle, and in this case it’s one that has an appreciation for vintage style.

1325 W Wilson Ave

Chicago, IL 60640

Cute Cafes: Heritage Outpost

Via Tonal Memories on Instagram. 

5. Monocle Cafe in London, England.

Monocle Cafe was opened by Monocle Magazine in 2013 and boasts an impressive collection of furniture sourced from all over the world to create a minimalist space. With stools and tables made from Tasmanian oak there’s a little bit of Australia in this London gem (although some would argue there’s too much Australia in London I’m sure)! Decor aside, the traditional facade itself is reason enough to visit.

London Café

18 Chiltern Street W1U 7QA

Cute Cafes: Monocle

Via Monocle Magazine

6. Cafe Kitsune in Paris, France.

Cafe Kitsune is one of those places that floods my news feed during every PFW. I can’t go past the cute typography and the fact that it fulfils countless aussie cravings for a flat white. Situated near Jardin du Palais Royal it’s the perfect place to grab a coffee for your afternoon stroll.

51 Galerie Montpensier

75001 PARIS

Cute Cafes: Kitsune


7. Screaming Beans Cafe in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Screaming Beans is another reason why I can’t wait to visit Amsterdam one day. The charming terrace exterior is timeworn and oh so inviting, just like the apartments that line the city’s canals. Locally, Screaming Beans is known for its dedication to the art and precision of coffee making, a must-visit for coffee aficionados.

Hartenstraat 12

1016 CB Amsterdam

Cute Cafes: Screaming Beans

Via Mehmetdzn on Instagram.

8. Society Cafe in Bath, England. 

Society Cafe welcomes a communal experience, encouraging bikes, buggies and dogs to come along for your morning coffee. They also occasionally have artists in residence and exhibitions for those seeking inspiration from a creative space.

19 High St, The Corridor

Bath, Avon BA1 5AJ

Cute Cafes Society Cafe

Via Jennifer Elizabeth on Instagram. 

9. Roamers Cafe in Berlin, Germany.

Roamers Cafe knows how to create an inviting space. Their indoor plants, wooden-crate tables and cosy nooks make for a relaxed space to call home. Visitors site the friendly staff and homemade food as reasons why they linger a little longer at the few available tables.

Pannierstrasse 64

12043 Berlin

Cute Cafes: Roamers Berlin

Via Jennifer Elizabeth on Instagram. 

10. Tiny’s in Tribeca, New York.

Tiny’s and the Bar Upstairs is located in a three-storey townhouse, originally built in 1810. It’s decorated throughout with antique pieces and features pressed copper and marble tabletops in ‘The Bar Upstairs’. This historic building draws a hip crowd and the burata salad with peach compote comes highly recommended.

135 West Broadway

New York, NY 10013

Cute Cafes: Tinys New York

Via Ann Street Studio.

Are there any cute cafes that you would add to this list? The thing about these kind of spots is that they can often lie in unexpected places, unknown to us visitors passing through town. I would love to know if you have a favourite cafe that is beautifully presented and would like to share in the comments below.

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Header image: original photograph of Maison Rose cafe by Greg Finck.

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