Eating local produce overseas can have its good and bad sides. On one hand your can experience the best of a certain kind of food. For example, the best pasta in Italy or the best crepe in Paris. On the downside you can end up quite ill if food preparation is unclean or you try one to many ‘mystery meats’! So when I ventured off to Thailand for the first time I knew I wanted to try new dishes but was unsure if there were any things to steer clear of. After exploring on foot and by bike I came to realise that the freshest street food could be found at the night markets. Today I am going to share with you the best food markets in Koh Samui…

Firstly, night markets obviously start late in the afternoon so the food has not been exposed to the midday heat. Then there’s also the high turnover as the markets become a bustling hub for tourists and locals grabbing a bite to eat. At most stalls this means that the food is cooked to order. The night markets that I visited in Koh Samui move around during the week so they were accessible from every area of the island. You can find a list of locations here. We made an impromptu stop at the Chaweng location on the way back to the hotel and thankfully there was enough battery life on my camera to capture what we tasted (yes, we tried each of the dishes below with no, err, side effects).

Starting with my all-time fav, coconut ice cream. Fresh coconuts are cracked open with the water inside given to you to drink. Then the tastiest ice cream is scooped inside and the coconut flesh is scored to reveal fresh strips that you can mix in. Next to mango sticky rice this quickly became my favourite indulgence on the trip. By the end of my stay I was ordering it with peanuts which was surprisingly delicious for someone who only eats nuts that are contained inside Ferrero Rocher’s :)

Coconut ice cream markets

Coconut ice cream Koh Samui

Coconut water Thailand travel.

Something I noticed all throughout Thailand was the abundance of fresh fruit. I enjoyed trying dragon fruit for the first time which most hotels had on offer in their rooms. At the markets the fruit is meticulously prepared in to individual bags, cups or skewers for you to enjoy a selection of flavours. Makes our Aussie fruit salad look pretty lame, doesn’t it!? And incase you were wondering 20 Thai baht is only about 80 cents Australian.

Fresh fruit from Thailand markets.

Fresh Thai coconuts.

Fresh strawberries Thailand markets.

One thing you will noticed very quickly in Thailand is how friendly the locals are. The guy below greeted us with a thumbs up as we first entered the markets. It was great to be in a place where my camera became a bit of a novelty instead of something intusive.

Friendly night markets in Thailand.

Hot food Koh Samui markets

Best night market in Koh Samui.

Asparagus wrapped in bacon.

Grilled asparagus in Thailand.

A special mention has to be made about the garlic bread below. It was also only 20 baht and was the best garlic bread I have ever tried. Why? It’s basically a slab of light fluffy bread that is coated in garlic butter and fried on a bbq. This is definitely something I would love to add to my next bbq session at home.

Pan fried garlic bread in Thailand.

Corn on the cob from food markets.

Have you been to night markets in other parts of Thailand? I would love to hear your recommendations. One day I would love to make it back to Bangkok to visit the floating markets and flower markets…then on to an elephant sanctuary in Chang Mai!

One can dream,


All images by Escape Button.
Jessica Rule

Jessica Rule

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