The Best Items to Pack for Tasmania

Tasmania’s rugged landscape is not only is a major drawcard for nature lovers but an insight into its dramatic weather conditions. All year round, Tasmania can be quite cold, with some pleasantly warm days sneaking in around summer. Visitor numbers boom over the new year period, with pristine beaches a big part of the island state’s appeal. A common mistake made by summer travellers is to pack a beachy wardrobe without a Tassie-proof contingency plan. Add to this, a mix of adventure and 5-star experiences, and you’ve got the ultimate packing conundrum. After spending two weeks in Tassie and experiencing everything from campervan cook-ups to waterfront dining, I narrowed down the key pieces for tackling any Tasmanian travel experience.


A trip to Tasmania can take many different forms. Be it a luxurious food and wine retreat or a nature lover’s adventure holiday. Being that my husband loves landscape photography and I blog about stylish travel we embarked on a trip that spanned both types of travel. When choosing what to pack I took into account that I would need breathable tops and durable shorts for any walks that we did. I would also need more formal options for dining out at night, especially in a destination that showcases its produce through fine dining. The weather played a role in my choices too, with layering being the best way to prepare for four seasons in one day. This meant that all of my items had to compliment each other for easy pairing. To do this, I stuck to a consistent colour palette and added interest with varying textures. Here’s how you can do the same…

Tasmania packing list

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I packed two white linen tees for sightseeing which were nice and lightweight on long walks. If you plan on doing a lot of adventure activities this would be the place to add an extra casual tee. I also packed two more formal tops for things like shopping, the vineyards and dinner out. These could be made up of a silk cami, lace top, halterneck or off-shoulder piece. The reason I didn’t pack my off-shoulder tops on this trip was because I find them hard to wear a jacket or coat over. If you feel the cold like I do, I would avoid styles like this at night. I did one laundry wash during the stay which saw my tops last the full two weeks.


The one pair of bottoms that you can’t do without are shorts. Despite how cold it can get there are going to be times when you’ll walk along the beach, climb over lichen covered rocks or hike up to a lookout. One pair of study shorts will see you through the whole trip, so long as they complement your casual tops. Jeans will definitely be the piece you get the most out of in Tassie, so two pairs are needed. I took one slim, dark pair for going out at night and a casual pair for for the day. Boyfriend or cropped denim is a great for a comfy relaxed fit all day. I also packed a grey woolen skirt which was my answer to the winter dress. This piece was handy for days spent in relaxed areas like the vineyards or museums. If you are super tight for space I would leave this one out. Otherwise, it’s a great feminine option for when you want to get dressed up.


The mix of casual and formal looks means you’ll need two coats here. And for any trip longer than several days you’ll want to have a second option anyway. Look for neutral colours that won’t clash with your existing key pieces and think about what length will best suit the bottoms that you’ve chosen. A denim jacket or soft blazer can easily be paired with shorts, a dress, skirts or casual denim during the day. When the cold weather hits or you head out at night, a long structured coat will provide enough coverage. It’s important here to pick a coat that will fit all of your tops underneath. Chances are if it’s cold enough to wear one, you’ll want to throw a thick layer underneath. This is where the turtleneck jumper comes in. I wore mine under a black coat a lot, particularly on cold mornings watching the sun come up. It also gave me another top to change into at night, making several other outfit combinations.


Shoes are a big space hog when travelling. They are often bulky and don’t budge too much, even if you’ve resorted to sitting on your suitcase. This is the category where I am the most ruthless in order to gain back a fair amount of space. As with shorts, practical shoes are a must for exploring Tasmania’s remote areas. If you plan on exercising, throw in a pair that double as gym shoes. If not, your options are more open to fashionable sneakers which are easier to match with regular outfits. A pair of enclosed boots are a must for keeping warm and holding out the rain. I would opt for a lower heel to accommodate all of the walking that travel brings. The last pair should be super comfy flats that reflect your own personal style. I wore a pair of mule loafers like the ones above and found them to be soft and flexible. You can shop the exact pair from my previous outfit post. Now if you have a beach-specific itinerary I would consider adding a pair of thongs for hitting the sand, which pack flat anyway.


In the rugged and rural landscape of Tasmania, there’s no need for complicated accessories. Some simple winter pieces will have you prepared for any weather conditions without adding much bulk. A scarf will also come in handy on the plane and tie together multiple colours in your outfit. I’ve included a warm beanie and gloves here because they can be easily overlooked. Even if you’re travelling in summer, a trip to the mountains at dawn or dusk can be a frosty one.


There are many ways you can use this guide, even if your personal style is completely different to mine. You can use it as a formula for packing the right number of pieces, or take inspiration from building a colour palette. I managed to get my suitcase down to 14kgs which was lighter than my husbands (and a first for me)! I hope that it takes a bit of weight off your shoulder too.

Happy travels,

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Jessica Rule

Jessica Rule

Jess is a travel photographer who draws on her background in styling to curate the most stylish escapes. She works alongside her husband Justin to produce travel videos for brands and destinations.