Il Fornillo Positano

Il Fornillo Positano.





    • Positano is just over an hours drive from Naples, the third largest city in Italy.



    • If you would like to enjoy the beautiful Amalfi Coast I suggest hiring a car in Naples and driving via the coastal road. See my other posts about Sorrento and Capri along the way.


    • Once you are in Positano you will find that parking is limited and the best way to get around is on foot.


    • There are at least 1000 steps from the main road to Positano beach so keep that in mind when deciding where to leave the car!


    • There is actually a parking garage on Viale Pasitea (see map above) on the 2nd last corner before Il Fornillo as you drive down the hill.





I visited Il Fornillo restaurant last year on a recommendation from Hotel Villa Franca. I can say that the spaghetti carbonara was one of the best I have ever had (with my other favourite from Siena), such a tourist-y meal choice, I know! It is in a beautiful location and the sprawling flowers are such a pleasant surprise when you round the corner. If you are staying right up in the hills I would recommend eating here. Walking back from the beach restaurants after a heavy meal is not fun, especially if your appetite is as big as mine.
Jessica Rule

Jessica Rule

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