07 Feb PHOTO DIARY: Snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef. 

The Great Barrier Reef has to be seen to be believed. Its white sandy beaches, pristine blue water and vibrant sea creatures are larger than life! The reef will always be special to me because it is where I got engaged. It is sad to think that this Aussie gem will be subject to increased dredging to make way for large coal and gas carriers. If you feel strongly about preserving this beautiful environment then please sign this petition addressed to the Federal Environment Minister. Below, I celebrate the beautiful Great Barrier Reef with some underwater photos from my snorkelling trip there three years ago...
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28 Jan TRAVEL DIARY: Colourful Rapallo, Italy. 

Unscheduled stops are often where you find hidden gems while travelling. For me, Rapallo was a surprising seaside town full of colour, vibrant architecture and beautiful pastel skies. If you are travelling along the Mediterranean coast of Italy and looking for a picturesque pitstop I recommend you check out what Rapallo has to offer...
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07 Jan The Streets of Rome | Photo Diary

Rome was the first stop on my most recent trip overseas and it was the first time I explored its beautiful streets. Despite the abundance of fashion boutiques it was hard to peel my eyes of the architecture and design of Rome's monuments and buildings. The care taken to restore and maintain its history is something that I appreciated as both a tourist and photographer. Below are some of my favourite streets in Rome and the beginnings of an obsession with windows and doors...
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