Frank Body Scrub travel pack

23 May Traveling with Frank Body Scrub

Frank Body scrubs have been a go-to product of mine to prepping summer skin for a while now. They buff away dead skin cells to create a smooth base for fake tan. After traveling in winter though I found myself wishing that I had packed my body scrub for that trip as well. Four weeks in the midst of a European winter made my skin horribly dry and flaky. I have traveled with Frank Body scrubs ever since, being super careful not to spill the coffee-rich goodness through my bag. Their recent launch of the Grind High Club has made this much easier, with four individual scrubs in a space-saving mini size. Come and take a look at the new packaging, reusable satchel and your ticket to Babe Town...
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01 May Top 10 Listings on Airbnb Santorini

Recently in my travel guide for Santorini I spoke about affordable accommodation options for the Greek Islands. Without a doubt the most value-for-money accommodation can be found in Airbnb rentals. If you are not familiar with how the service works I have previously outlined the benefits of renting with them and my own experience in two holiday rentals in Europe. In Santorini specifically, Airbnb properties allow you to have your own private space, great views and often a private pool, without paying the exorbitant prices of a luxury hotel. Because there are over 300 rentals on the island I thought I would sift through them all to find the best value properties, based on location and amenities...
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Pamukkale travel blogger

25 Apr Pamukkale Turkey Travel Guide

Pamukkale is on the top of most travelers' lists when visiting Turkey. Its cotton-ball-like landscape, encasing milky blue pools, appeals as an oasis amongst the harsh Turkish countryside. It is a place to relax, cool off and even indulge yourself in a calcium-rich mud bath. However, being several hours from the popular turquoise coast and a flight away from Istanbul it isn't the easiest place to make time for during your trip. I visited Pamukkale last year and found it to both exceed and challenge my expectations. If you are unsure about whether to set aside time for Pamukkale this guide will shed some light on what you can expect to find. And if you've already got your heart set on the thermal springs I've got some handy tips on when to go and what to bring...
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black leather travel wallets

12 Apr Stylish Travel Wallets for Every Budget

There are just some items that every traveler has to carry no matter how determined you are to pack light. First there's your passport and boarding pass, cash and ATM cards, itinerary and don't forget the luggage keys! Before you know it your handbag is brimming with travel documents and you've got no idea where the Passenger Card went. Keeping your travel documents organised at the airport will not only save space in your carry-on but will keep your mind at ease when navigating the security checkpoints. There's no worse feeling than having your passport float around in a plastic tub whilst you walk back and forth through the metal detector, hoping you are re-united with it on the other side. Having everything inside one travel wallet minimises the risk of losing small pieces and as you'll see below, gives you another reason to hit the accessories department. I've sourced some chic travel wallets in a range of prices so that you can stay organised without sacrificing style...
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visiting Helensburgh tunnel

06 Apr Exploring Helensburgh Tunnel

There's nothing I enjoy more than finding new and intriguing locations right in my own backyard. Abandoned structures that are seemingly engulfed by nature are some of my favourite places to get lost in and photograph. Usually they are reserved for cities with a much older architectural history than my hometown (like the abandoned flour mill in Sorrento that is on my bucket list). That's why I was so surprised to come across an eerie abandoned train station online that is only an hours drive from Sydney. After spending one Sunday playing balance beam on its tracks and admiring its moss-covered walls I have put together my tips for visiting Helensburgh tunnel... 
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