Easy Packing Guide for a Stunning Long Weekend

The long weekend brings extra opportunities for relaxation, catch-ups or adventure. If you’re heading away this long weekend you’re lucky enough to have four days straight to broaden your travel further. With enough time to do all of the above, packing for a range of activities is essential. But in the rush to get out the door after work it can be hard to gather enough options without overpacking. That’s why I’ve put together a formula for packing that will narrow your wardrobe down in no time…


Below you will find my formula for packing for 3-nights and 4-days away.

  • An even selection of casual and formal tops.
  • A limit of 3 bottoms that can be tailored to your activities.
  • 2 Layers to beat the cold and compliment key pieces.
  • An optional dress for dining or events.
  • 3 pairs of shoes (or two if you know what the weather will be doing).
  • Classic accessories for day and night.
  • A crossbody bag to lighten the load.

Long Weekend Packing Guide

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No matter where you’re heading you’ll be spending some time in transit. Whether it be on a plane or in a hire car, you need a comfy outfit that can battle the air-con. The casual tops above can both be worn with the grey knit, relaxed denim and sneakers for ultimate comfort. Add the scarf and oversized coat if you need extra warmth. This outfit can be reworn on the way home.


There’s a good chance you’ll spend at least two nights out to dinner or an event. That’s why I’ve included two formal tops. They can be paired with dark denim or culottes for a sleek look. If you plan on dining out quite often you could add a dress or jumpsuit like I’ve allowed for in the layers section. All of these pieces complement the classic coat that you’ll need after the sun goes down. There are two shoe options in the list above which work at night. I included an ankle boot here because they can be just as versatile during the day or if it’s likely to rain. When choosing jewellery, consider that a statement earring works with any neckline and won’t tangle up in your bag.


The day calls for casual pieces that can be styled up or down depending on your activities. For the bottoms I’ve added a skirt to casual denim for a couple of daytime options. If you’re embarking on an adventurous trip I’d swap the skirt out for some shorts. Classic jewellery, like a timepiece, is all you’ll need during the day and won’t clash with monochrome sneakers. Some daytime activities require you to pack light and not lug a full handbag around. For this, I’ve found a cross body bag that also doubles as a clutch at night.



Where are you headed this long weekend? I’d love to hear if you’ve got a specific outfit in mind for your trip. I’ve been slowly building the essentials on this list and find it easier and easier each time I pack. After checking out some new arrivals though I’m planing to add dark floral pieces for autumn. That way, there’s still something new to wear out on a special occasion.

Happy Travels,

All photography by Escape Button.

Jessica Rule

Jessica Rule

Jess is a travel photographer who draws on her background in styling to curate the most stylish escapes. She works alongside her husband Justin to produce travel videos for brands and destinations.