MUST VISIT IN CANBERRA: Penny University Coffee Roasters.

Rustic flowers decor at Penny University cafe.

Best Cafe to visit in Canberra, Penny University.

As you know from my recent hot air balloon photos I have been in Canberra for a few days, exploring as many shops and coffee spots as I can between jobs. The quirky Penny University Coffee Roasters was recommended to me by a friend who was so impressed that he went back a few days in a row to try more of the menu. Being that he is quite the coffee connoisseur of inner-west Sydney I knew that this was a big call :) After visiting twice in two days there are plenty of reasons why I would recommend this cafe to my friends and fellow travellers. Read on for a look inside this unassuming gem…


15 Kennedy Street
ACT 2604

Penny University Coffee Roasters in Canberra.

Fresh baked croissants at Penny University.

As you step off the calm footpath of what I would call a quiet are a of Canberra it is apparent that all of the locals have been hiding out here. The courtyard, cafe, outdoor tables and bench seats are all full of coffee lovers and/or foodies like me who are drooling over plates of food wafting by. My favourite part of Penny’s is a rustic buffet housing fresh pastries on the left as you step inside. Reminiscent of country baking I was eying them off for later…

Rustic fresh flowers for cafe decor.

Cake and pastries in antique buffet Canberra.

Travel guide for Canberra.

I took a seat outside on wooden crates covered in comfy pillows made from patchwork and paisley. The vibe is relaxed and above all welcoming from the friendly staff (dare I say something that is lacking in a lot of Sydney cafes).  On my first visit I ordered a coffee which was divine but today I opted for their juice of the day: coconut water, pineapple juice and lychees. Um, could there be a tastier combination?

Penny University Cafe in Canberra.

Rustic cafe seating idea from Canberra.

Coffee bean roasters in Canberra cafe

After downing my juice in a flash it was time for the main attraction…the most amazing breakfast I have had in a long time, or maybe even ever! Green eggs and ham. Not something I have ever ordered before but again it had been recommended to me by a friend. The eggs were delicious and had the perfect blend of mushed peas and herbs throughout. Add some grilled ham and baked cherry tomatoes and I am sold.

Grean eggs and ham breakfast in Canberra.

Fresh juice from best cafe in Canberra.

Green eggs and ham from Penny University.

Needless to say in the end I didn’t have any room for the pastries :( But I did manage to sneak in a takeaway coffee. Have you been to Canberra and found a favourite coffee place of your own? There are so many popping up that I think I’ll have to make a trip down there again soon. Feel free to leave your recommendations in the comments below.




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