A Look at my Work in Stunning Sceen’ry Magazine

Today I’d like to introduce you to a travel publication that I’m sure you’ve noticed in my social posts recently. I’m talking about Sceen’ry Magazine, the print travel guide covering one city at a time from an insider’s pespective. Not just your regular magazine, the print quality of Sceen’ry is undeniable. It serves as more of a keepsake guide, and might I add, a chic coffee table addition. Those of you with a giant magazine stash like me will really appreciate the tactile nature of these travel guides. I was lucky enough to contribute to the most recent volume, featuring Sydney, and couldn’t wait to see my favourite places come to life in print! Come and check out where I went exploring and how each shoot came together…


Each Volume of Sceen’ry shines a spotlight on local creatives and businesses through stories by those who know the city best. So you get a sense of discovering the city in a unique light, both from the subject matter and those who capture it. When shooting for Sceen’ry I wanted to look past the spots that most people would find with a quick Google search and share my favourite local cafe and road trip destination. Below you will find a sneak peek of my work and also the video we shot for their Sydney launch!


My first shoot location was the kind of place you want to start every working day from, Three Williams Café in Redfern. This local favourite fills an expansive warehouse space underneath busy Elizabeth Street. The chic façade sees regulars run in and out for their daily fix, and locals like me settling into one of their comfy corner benches. Personally, I like to head there for a bit of indulgence, which you can always find on the menu (think brioche French toast topped with house made ice cream and toffee sauce). Sceen’ry editor Sophie Cottrell spoke to co-owner Toby about the inspiration, planning and ambition behind Three Williams. It’s a must read for budding entrepreneurs (or anyone on the hunt for the best brunch in Sydney).

Sceenry Magazine Three Williams

Inside Sceen’ry Magazine, Volume Three.

Three Williams Cafe Sceen'ry Magazine

French toast and yoghurt bowls are always on the menu.

Three Williams Cafe SydneyThree Williams Coffee Sceenr'y Magazine


The next Sceen’ry piece featuring my work was a road trip story covering the Southern Highlands. I wrote the article that supports these images, seeing as though it’s a place I’ve explored so many times. The weekend we set off to shoot brought some drizzly weather, which I was initially worried about. But I was soon reminded of how beautiful the region can be in the coldest of months. Rain is usually a real frustration when shooting outside but thankfully this area is home to cottages and cafes to shelter from the elements. We drove from Sydney to Sutton Forest, then through Berrima and Mittagong, finishing up in Bowral. In the feature article I included my favourite stops along the way and how to see them all in a day trip from Sydney.

Sceen'ry Magazine Southern Highlands

Inside Sceen’ry Magazine Volume Three.

Southern Highlands Sceen'ry MagazineHand Stirred Honey Shop Sceen'ry Magazine

One of my favourite pit stops, the Little Hand Stirred Jam Shop. 

Southern Highlands Sceen'ry Magazine


The easiest way to get a hands on your copy is to order online direct from Sceen’ry. There are also a number of beautiful boutiques stocking volumes. I actually found some in Spell Byron Bay last week and grabbed a few back issues after sharing mine with friends. The consistency of the look across all volumes makes this magazine the perfect collector’s item for travellers. And if you’re from Sydney yourself, why not send one to a friend abroad?

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Jessica Rule

Jessica Rule

Jess is a travel photographer who draws on her background in styling to curate the most stylish escapes. She works alongside her husband Justin to produce travel videos for brands and destinations.