Salt Living Beach Decor

31 Jan A Look Inside the Serene Salt Living Store

Coolangatta is the kind of place that takes you back to more carefree times. Those days when your only concern was what flavour ice cream to buy after a bike ride with your bestie. I used to holiday there as a kid and after returning recently was please to find the same relaxed attitude and active lifestyle. In Coolangatta you’ll find many stores centered around beach living, but none compare to this gem in The Strand. Salt Living by Jacinta Bishop is a carefully curated boutique that embodies the very essence of a coastal escape. It is a must-visit in Coolangatta for getting your fix of coastal decor and taking a little bit of the salty life home with you. After moving into a bigger location I was lucky enough to photograph the space to share with you...
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Plaka Athens blogger guide

21 Jan Why Plaka is the Best Neighbourhood in Athens

When visiting the Greek Islands via mainland Athens you can't pass up the opportunity to explore the country's ancient history. Being one of the world's oldest cities, its landmarks like the Acropolis and Parthenon are some of the most recognisable in the world. We decided to spend 3 nights there before heading out to Santorini and did a lot of research into what neighbourhood was best for seeing all of the historic sites. We realised early on that we needed proximity to the Acropolis balanced with an authentic Greek experience...not easy when you're talking about a city that attracts over 3 million tourists a year! Enter, Plaka. This pretty neighbourhood, with its colourful cafes and gritty alleyways, is just a stone's throw from the center of Greek history. And as you'll see below, not the tourist trap you'd expect...
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Santorini Greece packing guide

10 Jan The Best Items to Pack for Summer in Greece

Greece is such an iconic summer destination where each year, seemingly everyone you know, goes to soak up the warmer weather and torment you with it in your news feed :) Not too long ago I was one of those people (#sorrynotsorry) and after 2 weeks on the islands, managed to narrow down the most important items in my suitcase. With some almighty hill climbs in places like Santorini, it pays to keep your bag weight to a minimum. Thankfully summer in Greece makes it easy to travel light with bulky warm pieces completely unnecessary. So that you can get the most out of your suitcase, I've put together a packing guide that focuses on complementary, lightweight pieces that also reflect that Greek Island feel...
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Leah Goren apartment greenery

29 Dec How to Style Pantone’s Greenery at Home

Pantone recently announced Greenery as its colour of the year for 2017. This fresh, bright tone is bolder than Spring 2015's Lucite Green and reflects the liveliness of lush foliage. Having a minor indoor plant obsession I was excited to hear that all things 'greenery' will be here to stay for the year ahead. Personally, I don't think I'll be wearing much Greenery, rather filling my house with it through decor items. As you'll read below, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this colour into your home without having to repaint a thing...
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Lagos Town Portugal

18 Dec Exploring the Beautiful Facades of Lagos Portugal

Lagos was the first stop on our trip through Portugal and one that we had set aside as a beach destination to relax in after traveling through Spain. Its unique coastline draws a constant stream of visitors, ready to explore the grottos and rock stacks that are etched in the landscape. On leaving the beach one day we took a couple of wrong turns and came across the historic center of town which had previous eluded us. Surprised by the well-worn cobblestone streets, tucked only one street away from the modern marina, it quickly became one of our favourite spots to explore on foot. Being our first look at the blue tiles of Portugal I spent a lot of time looking up at the windows and facades. Here are my favourite perspectives of the architectural details around Lagos Town...
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