Etsy Christmas Gift Guide

29 Nov The Best Etsy Christmas Gifts for Travelers

Esty has long been a go-to online marketplace for anyone seeking out handmade, unique or creative gifts. Personally I head there for travel prints and also grabbed a whole lot of decorations for my wedding from the site. When it comes to Etsy Christmas Gifts I check out items for the people in my life who have specific hobbies and interests, enter the traveler. Think back to your last holiday and you'll remember the frantic purchasing session that happens when you need tech for the plane, luggage accessories or a filing system to keep you organised. These items all make great gifts for the traveler in your life who will appreciate their practicality. And as you'll find on Etsy, most things can be personalised just for them...
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Keepsake Intimates Sleepwear

22 Nov Stylish Sleepwear You’ll Want to Travel With

I'm the first to admit that sleepwear has long been overlooked in both my day-to-day (or night-to-night) life and even more so when I travel. Whenever I've tried to find new sleepwear I end up somewhere between daggy terry toweling robes in the department store and entangling myself in strappy lingerie. After deciding that my well-worn singlets wouldn't cut it on an overseas trip it I set out to find new brands that balance style with comfort. After all, if you're going to spend your hard-earned on plush hotel beds don't you deserve to sleep-in in style? Here are the sleepwear brands I found that are creating beautiful silhouettes in luxurious fabrics, with plenty of room to jump on the bed in...
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Alhambra palace Generalife patio

13 Nov How to Buy Alhambra Palace Tickets at the Door

The Alhambra is a Moorish palace and fortress which sits atop Al-Sabika hill in Granada, Spain. The grounds of this 13th century rebuild, which span 740 meters in length, boast sweeping views over the city below. In 2014 alone, the Alhambra saw 2.4 million people visit its grounds with over 9,000 people passing through on its busiest day. It's no wonder then that tickets are hard to come by with online sales exhausted months in advance. When we were planning our road trip through southern Spain I added an extra day in Granada just to be sure we would have enough time to explore this magnificent site. To my surprise (and indeed my denial) all of the tickets were gone for our travel dates when I first tried to book online one month out. Determined to see the intricate architecture up close I decided I would go to the site each day that we were in Granada to try and grab any tickets that were released on the day. After a recce and an early wake-up the following day I managed to get Alhambra Palace tickets at the door and spent a whole day exploring the site. Today I share my tips and tricks with anyone who may have missed out on pre-sale tickets themselves or who isn't sure yet of their travel dates. It turns out there are a few simple steps for making the buying process a whole lot easier...
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olive oil tasting Granada

31 Oct 10 Facts You Need to Know About Olive Oil

Olive oil is a staple of the Mediterranean diet and certainly one of my favourite ingredients to use when making fresh salads or just generally eating a lot of bread. It made sense then, when we were visiting the south of Spain, to attend an olive oil tasting on Mediterranean soil. Spain are in fact the world biggest producers of olive oil with the Andalusian region providing the perfect hot and dry climate to grow hundreds of different olive tree varieties. Taking place in the small town of Niguelas, where their olive mill has been in production since the 15th century, we were in good hands to learn all about the olive oil making process. Here are 10 facts I learned during the tour and tasting that you can put to good use when choosing your next olive oil...
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Amanda Wellsh Porter Magazine

24 Sep How to Master the Elements of Spanish Style

Now that it's spring in the southern hemisphere we finally get to embrace all of the trends that have hit the Spring/Summer runways, both from last year and those still taking place as we speak. And after seeing how the rest of the world wore them during their summer, we can focus on the trends that stood the test of time. Recently I  listed the spring trends that are practical for travel but today I thought I'd focus on one trend in particular, which is inspired completely by a travel destination. Enter Spanish style. Matadors and flamenco dancers are the inspiration behind this season's most romantic and dramatic dressing. Traditional dress is deconstructed down its vibrant, seductive and voluminous elements. Ruffled skirts are rivaled by ruffled tops that sit off the shoulder and soak up the sun. This season you will notice an influx of Spanish style in high-street stores so here's a look at where the trend evolved from and how to wear it in the season ahead...
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