Lo and Sons stylish camera bags

01 Aug How to Find the Best Luxury Camera Bags

Choosing whether or not to take your SLR out for the day often comes down to space in your bag, especially when you're trying to travel light. Personally, I cringe whenever I look back at photos I've taken on an iPhone and so, have vowed never to venture out without my SLR when traveling. This often means taking two bags though. One of which is my handbag, carrying my travel wallet, sunscreen, tissues, hair get the picture. And the other is a dedicated SLR bag that awkwardly swings around and smashes people in the side when I'm navigating the crowds. Thankfully there are a few brands, mainly founded by amazing female photographers, who have shared in our frustrations and designed the perfect solution. Sleek, uncomplicated exteriors paired with compartmentalised padding make for camera-friendly handbags that double as everyday essentials. Come and see the most stylish camera bags that you can shop online...
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black lace dress sleeves

21 Jul How to Best Style a Lace Dress for Winter

Lace, in its delicate and light form, usually emerges from our closets in spring and summer when the warm weather calls for barely-there fabrics. In winter it often appears in the form of a trim or partial overlay that can look like an afterthought. A full lace dress however, makes this fabric the hero piece, providing the perfect staple for a feminine wardrobe. This season, winter dresses have (thankfully) been more stubborn in their transition from the warmer months, with sheer fabrics and lace replacing heavy woolen styles. A black lace dress in particular bridges the gap between seasons, with its darker shade and sturdy construction. Today I'm sharing my tips for styling a black lace dress when you just don't want to let go of the sun...
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The Vault Files travel photo wall 1

11 Jul Creating the Perfect Travel Photo Wall

A dedicated travel photo wall in your house is a great way to cherish travel memories and create a talking point for visiting family and friends. With the rise of digital media, most of our photos are stored solely online, leaving nothing tangible to collect and display when you return home. Like a lot of trends though, things eventually come full circle and the advancements in mobile editing have in turn introduced mobile photographers to the aesthetic values of film and the print medium. Filter packs that emulate film stock are arguably the most popular choice for Instagram users and third-party printing apps allow you to develop an image that would otherwise exist only in digital form. With so much emphasis on creating a recognisable 'look' through our online feeds it is only fitting to bring your photography prints into the home, a place where your lifestyle and tastes are already apparent. With lust-worthy photo walls flooding Pinterest it is important to not underestimate the potential of your own travel imagery (whether professional or not) to transform blank walls into a chic homage to travel. Through photography, typography and language there are plenty of simple ways to create a cohesive and personal travel photo wall in your own home... 
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Cobblestone streets Mykonos Town

24 Jun Comprehensive Mykonos Travel Guide

Mykonos is one of the most iconic islands in Greece and one that most people have on their itinerary, after Santorini. Celebrated just as much for its nightlife as its quaint cobblestone streets, Mykonos is an island that caters to a range of travel tastes. Since posting about my trip to Greece last year I've received a few comments and questions about whether or not it's worth setting some time aside to visit Mykonos. My answer varied depending on how much time each traveler had so I thought the best way to shed some light on this topic was to run through my favourite experiences there. I've also included a heap of practical tips which will determine just how much of Mykonos you have time to see and what you will get out of it that you won't find anywhere else...
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The Loft Amsterdam indoor swing

16 Jun Inside The Loft Amsterdam

Contextual stores are something that I've gushed over previously on the blog. Their carefully curated items, styled in the context of real life (or my dream life), are the ultimate source of interior design inspiration. The fact that each space looks 'lived in' also appeals to my love of authentic travel experiences and immersing yourself in the city like a local. Moving on from the quintessential Soho style we saw from The Line, today we take a look inside The Loft Amsterdam; a pop-up store that embraces eclectic style and a love of natural materials. Come and take a look at the mix of designer and vintage pieces that will ignite your interest in the other canaled city...
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