weekend getaway style

14 Jun A New Take on Winter Getaway Outfits

Winter time is great motivation for a quick weekend getaway. You don't have to travel far from the major cities to find comfort in the cold. Crackling log fires, hearty food and a robust red await those seeking an escape from the working week. Or if you're like me you'll just get completely shown up in a game of scrabble (thank god for spell check). Evenings by the fire and mornings in the fog have traditionally called for heavy winter getaway outfits. In the daytime however, there's room to be more playful in your dressing as the sun comes out to warm up the air. This year, winter dresses take on a romantic feel with sheer, billowing fabric and long, tailored sleeves. Perfect for weekends with your partner (or the girls), these pieces are a refreshing take on winter wear and can be layered up according to the chill factor. I took some of my favourite new-season pieces down to the Southern Highlands recently to show you a more feminine take on winter getaway outfits...
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Phi Phi Islands Travel Guide

06 Jun A Day Trip Guide to Phi Phi Islands

Visiting Phi Phi Islands is at the top of most travelers' to-do list when visiting Thailand. It's not just the stunning limestone landscape and alluring blue water that is bringing the crowds in. Anyone who's watched The Beach will know that Maya Bay in Koh Phi Phi Leh is a huge drawcard for film buffs and nature lovers alike. So with all of this attention have the Phi Phi Islands become overrun with tourists? And if you're pushed for time in Thailand is it worth making the day trip out to see them? Drawing on my own (quite disastrous) experience I have put together a guide to exploring the islands as well as getting to the bottom of crowd control...
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Frank Body Scrub travel pack

23 May Traveling with Frank Body Scrub

Frank Body scrubs have been a go-to product of mine to prepping summer skin for a while now. They buff away dead skin cells to create a smooth base for fake tan. After traveling in winter though I found myself wishing that I had packed my body scrub for that trip as well. Four weeks in the midst of a European winter made my skin horribly dry and flaky. I have traveled with Frank Body scrubs ever since, being super careful not to spill the coffee-rich goodness through my bag. Their recent launch of the Grind High Club has made this much easier, with four individual scrubs in a space-saving mini size. Come and take a look at the new packaging, reusable satchel and your ticket to Babe Town...
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sleeveless turtleneck for travel

19 May Making a Case for the Sleeveless Turtleneck

Despite my love of the warmer weather there is something I look forward to every winter, knitwear. Chunky knits not only appeal to my love of exaggerated textures but they also keep me warm and provide a comfy bed for my cat (despite my attempts to change her taste). So what's the deal with knitwear that doesn't have sleeves? Or jumpers that have a cutout back or bare shoulders? Is this the ultimate in seasonally-challenged clothing? Well, you know what they say....'if you can't beat them, join them'. And so I bought a sleeveless turtleneck recently in an attempt to 'beat' the sunny, crisp, cold-in-the-shade, warm-in-the-sun, weather we have been experiencing in Sydney. As it turns out there are a few reasons why a sleeveless turtleneck makes the perfect piece for trans-seasonal dressing...
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Magali Pascal terrace Paddington

16 May Inside Magali Pascal Sydney

Magali Pascal pieces are made for the bohemian at heart. With Parisian influence and Balinese roots, the brand reflects the spirit of travel with its effortless, yet luxurious, design. Flowing, feminine silhouettes lend themselves to exploring the streets of Paris, whilst glistening embellishments take them from day to night. The dresses in particular speak to stylish travel with the right mix of simplicity and detail to pull together resort-worthy style. Growing from three flagship boutiques in Bali, Magali Pascal has opened a store in Sydney's picturesque Paddington. Known for its quaint terraces and immaculately styled boutiques, I was excited to visit the store and see each piece up close. Not only did I see some of my favourite winter dresses but I also found the brand's Parisian influences reflected in the layout and design...
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