How to Style Aztec Rugs for Inspired Living

Injecting a piece of cultural design into your home is a great way to channel the feeling of a faraway place in your everyday life. Colours, textures and patterns can all represent specific cultures and evoke memories of travels past. Now I haven’t been to Mexico yet (Tulum, I’ve got my eye on you), but whenever I see an aztec print I think of the woven textures, natural elements and earthy tones of this region. When integrated in to modern living, Aztec prints are a nod to another world and time. They carry cultural stories into your home and give it a sense of history. Better yet, if you’ve traveled to another country that is known for its carpets (like India, Morocco or the Middle East), this chic addition can also double as a souvenir. If you’re looking to create a space that fosters natural textures and celebrates a nomadic lifestyle then read on for my selection aztec rugs and styling tips…


purple aztec rug

Found via Boabab Interiors

round aztec rug

Purchase via Urban Outfitters


Left: Hannah Lemholt for Residence Magazine | Right: found via Flickr

aztec rug

Elisah Jacobs on Interior Junkie

how to style an aztec rug

Tara Pearce for The Style Files

aztec rug greenery

Shot by Nicole LaMotte for One Kings Lane.

aztec rug design inspiration

Found on

aztec rug styling

Found via Vouge Living Australia.


  • Natural materials will best compliment aztec rugs. Think timber rafters, slate tiles, raw concrete and tan leather.
  • Counteract the heaviness of its weave with sleek and thin decor elements. For example, the legs of a chair or a metal-rimmed glass coffee table.
  • For accent pieces in the room, like pillows or lamps, pick up one of the colours in the rug.
  • With big ticket items, earthy tones such as tan, burgundy, beige, and charcoal will compliment aztec rugs without overpowering the room.
  • If you fall in love with a rug but can’t find the right floor space for it, you can mount it as a wall hanging. This will also allow you to display the print as a whole.
  • Finish off the space with an injection of green. A fresh plant will not only act as a nod to the great outdoors, it will break up your colour palette and add depth to the space.

aztec rug nursery

Found via greyandscout.

aztec rug interior styling

Eve Wilson for The Design Files.


Left: | Right: Elle Decoration Sweden

styling an aztec rug

Photography by Honey Lake Studio

muted aztec rug

Via Binti Home.

neutral aztec rugs

Found via Design Love Fest. 

aztec rug wall hanging

Jeltje Janmaat for Planete Deco

aztec rug kitchen styling

Photography by Brittany Ambridge.

brown aztec rug

Tessa Neustadt for Amber Interiors

From the selection above I really love the aztec rugs in grey shades because they can be integrated with scandi minimalist pieces so easily. I also love how they have been styled in nurseries which is perfect when you have a blush or pink rug. Which room was your favourite from the selection above? If you’ve experienced the carpet markets in foreign countries I’d love to hear about your experience too. I saw so many in Turkey but didn’t have the time to get one home!


Header image by Ola O Smit for BODIE and FOU.

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Jessica Rule

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