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Plaka Athens blogger guide

21 Jan Why Plaka is the Best Neighbourhood in Athens

When visiting the Greek Islands via mainland Athens you can't pass up the opportunity to explore the country's ancient history. Being one of the world's oldest cities, its landmarks like the Acropolis and Parthenon are some of the most recognisable in the world. We decided to spend 3 nights there before heading out to Santorini and did a lot of research into what neighbourhood was best for seeing all of the historic sites. We realised early on that we needed proximity to the Acropolis balanced with an authentic Greek experience...not easy when you're talking about a city that attracts over 3 million tourists a year! Enter, Plaka. This pretty neighbourhood, with its colourful cafes and gritty alleyways, is just a stone's throw from the center of Greek history. And as you'll see below, not the tourist trap you'd expect...
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Lagos Town Portugal

18 Dec Exploring the Beautiful Facades of Lagos Portugal

Lagos was the first stop on our trip through Portugal and one that we had set aside as a beach destination to relax in after traveling through Spain. Its unique coastline draws a constant stream of visitors, ready to explore the grottos and rock stacks that are etched in the landscape. On leaving the beach one day we took a couple of wrong turns and came across the historic center of town which had previous eluded us. Surprised by the well-worn cobblestone streets, tucked only one street away from the modern marina, it quickly became one of our favourite spots to explore on foot. Being our first look at the blue tiles of Portugal I spent a lot of time looking up at the windows and facades. Here are my favourite perspectives of the architectural details around Lagos Town...
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Alhambra palace Generalife patio

13 Nov How to Buy Alhambra Palace Tickets at the Door

The Alhambra is a Moorish palace and fortress which sits atop Al-Sabika hill in Granada, Spain. The grounds of this 13th century rebuild, which span 740 meters in length, boast sweeping views over the city below. In 2014 alone, the Alhambra saw 2.4 million people visit its grounds with over 9,000 people passing through on its busiest day. It's no wonder then that tickets are hard to come by with online sales exhausted months in advance. When we were planning our road trip through southern Spain I added an extra day in Granada just to be sure we would have enough time to explore this magnificent site. To my surprise (and indeed my denial) all of the tickets were gone for our travel dates when I first tried to book online one month out. Determined to see the intricate architecture up close I decided I would go to the site each day that we were in Granada to try and grab any tickets that were released on the day. After a recce and an early wake-up the following day I managed to get Alhambra Palace tickets at the door and spent a whole day exploring the site. Today I share my tips and tricks with anyone who may have missed out on pre-sale tickets themselves or who isn't sure yet of their travel dates. It turns out there are a few simple steps for making the buying process a whole lot easier...
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olive oil tasting Granada

31 Oct 10 Facts You Need to Know About Olive Oil

Olive oil is a staple of the Mediterranean diet and certainly one of my favourite ingredients to use when making fresh salads or just generally eating a lot of bread. It made sense then, when we were visiting the south of Spain, to attend an olive oil tasting on Mediterranean soil. Spain are in fact the world biggest producers of olive oil with the Andalusian region providing the perfect hot and dry climate to grow hundreds of different olive tree varieties. Taking place in the small town of Niguelas, where their olive mill has been in production since the 15th century, we were in good hands to learn all about the olive oil making process. Here are 10 facts I learned during the tour and tasting that you can put to good use when choosing your next olive oil...
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Queenstown Restaurants

11 Sep How to See Beautiful Queenstown in Winter

My recent trip to Queenstown was quite a different experience to all of my other travels as a blogger. First of all, our plans were locked in well in advance. Usually I am constantly tweaking my itinerary to fit in as many blogging commitments as possible. Secondly, and definitely the reason it was more set in stone, I was traveling with my very organised bestie for a personal holiday. As ridiculous as it may sound, traveling without working when you are a travel blogger can be really hard. You're used to stopping every 10 meters to take a photo and spending hours on end in obscured places waiting for the light to be just right. Not wanting to drive my friends crazy, I made a conscious decision to really wind back on my blogging activities. My experience in Queenstown was absolutely fantastic and traveling with a group meant that I experienced a broader range of activities than if I was going solo. Because we covered so much in just 5 days I wanted to share all of my tips with you and show off the beauty of this rugged destination... 
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