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olive oil tasting Granada

31 Oct 10 Facts You Need to Know About Olive Oil

Olive oil is a staple of the Mediterranean diet and certainly one of my favourite ingredients to use when making fresh salads or just generally eating a lot of bread. It made sense then, when we were visiting the south of Spain, to attend an olive oil tasting on Mediterranean soil. Spain are in fact the world biggest producers of olive oil with the Andalusian region providing the perfect hot and dry climate to grow hundreds of different olive tree varieties. Taking place in the small town of Niguelas, where their olive mill has been in production since the 15th century, we were in good hands to learn all about the olive oil making process. Here are 10 facts I learned during the tour and tasting that you can put to good use when choosing your next olive oil...
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Top 10 Cute Cafes

18 Aug 10 of the Most Cute Cafes in the World

Cute cafes are more than just our daily source of caffeine. Their four walls often create a haven from the outside elements and an escape from the responsibilities of home and work. Until a few years ago I didn't even like coffee but still made trips to the local cafe simply to sit and watch the world go by (and get my afternoon hot chocolate fix). Here in Sydney the coffee scene has absolutely boomed, with cute cafes popping up in unassuming warehouses, often roasting their own beans on site. All of that competition has seen each new space offer up more than just a good drop. Meticulously-styled interiors are paired with traditional comforts to create an authentic space to immerse yourself in. When traveling, cafes are a great way to experience life like a local and learn about a culture with some good ol' people-watching. So that you can find the best spot to make yourself at home in, I've compiled 10 cute cafes from across the world that have taken coffee nooks to a new level. From Paris, to Amsterdam and New York, there's bound to be a cafe that lines up with your bucket list...
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Wahroonga Food and Wine Festival

05 Nov Wahroonga Food and Wine Festival

Two weekends ago I was lucky enough to attend the 3rd annual Wahroonga Food and Wine Festival. After just jumping off a plane from Turkey it was the perfect way to escape again, with vendors from some of my favourite destinations in Country New South Wales. I sampled some delicious food and wine which I am sharing with you today so that you can mark this one down for next year (or find out where they're based if you just can't wait)...
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outdoor wine tasting

15 May Lowe Wines: One of the Best Cellar Doors in Mudgee

This weekend wine from the Mudgee region will be showcased at the Pyrmont Festival, kind of ironic actually because I was just in Mudgee yesterday! For those of you considering visiting the festival here in Sydney, I wanted to share with you my favourite cellar door experience, that way you can see the location and character that goes in to the wine you are going to taste. If you want to visit the region itself  Lowe Wines is without a doubt one of the best cellar doors in Mudgee. Here's why...

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27 Jan MUST VISIT IN CANBERRA: Penny University Coffee Roasters.

Rustic flowers decor at Penny University cafe.
Best Cafe to visit in Canberra, Penny University.
As you know from my recent hot air balloon photos I have been in Canberra for a few days, exploring as many shops and coffee spots as I can between jobs. The quirky Penny University Coffee Roasters was recommended to me by a friend who was so impressed that he went back a few days in a row to try more of the menu. Being that he is quite the coffee connoisseur of inner-west Sydney I knew that this was a big call :) After visiting twice in two days there are plenty of reasons why I would recommend this cafe to my friends and fellow travellers. Read on for a look inside this unassuming gem...
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