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Leah Goren apartment greenery

29 Dec How to Style Pantone’s Greenery at Home

Pantone recently announced Greenery as its colour of the year for 2017. This fresh, bright tone is bolder than Spring 2015's Lucite Green and reflects the liveliness of lush foliage. Having a minor indoor plant obsession I was excited to hear that all things 'greenery' will be here to stay for the year ahead. Personally, I don't think I'll be wearing much Greenery, rather filling my house with it through decor items. As you'll read below, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this colour into your home without having to repaint a thing...
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monochrome aztec rugs

10 Jan How to Style Aztec Rugs for Inspired Living

Injecting a piece of cultural design into your home is a great way to channel the feeling of a faraway place in your everyday life. Colours, textures and patterns can all represent specific cultures and evoke memories of travels past. Now I haven't been to Mexico yet (Tulum, I've got my eye on you), but whenever I see an aztec print I think of the woven textures, natural elements and earthy tones of this region. When integrated in to modern living, Aztec prints are a nod to another world and time. They carry cultural stories into your home and give it a sense of history. Better yet, if you've traveled to another country that is known for its carpets (like India, Morocco or the Middle East), this chic addition can also double as a souvenir. If you're looking to create a space that fosters natural textures and celebrates a nomadic lifestyle then read on for my selection aztec rugs and styling tips...
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Women in India

12 Nov Women in India | Mood Board

Recently on Pinterest I came across the stunning image above of an Indian woman working in Jaipur. It got me thinking about how we can be inspired by traditional dress in our everyday wardrobe, as a way of fulfilling that urge to travel. To do so, I've compiled my favourite imagery of women in India, showcasing their vibrant colours and skillful draping. It is a bold lesson in colour blocking, print clashing and accessorising. Enjoy...
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07 Apr STONE COLD: A Winter Fashion Mood Board. 

Winter is always abundant with dark denim, heavy coats and glossy black boots but what happens when you want to incorporate some colour? Instead of going down the 'maroon or mustard' path which has never really suited me, I am going to soften up my look with blues, greys and mauves in muted shades. We've all seen the pastel-coloured coat trend which admittedly I still love but this take is more subtle, less girly and feels right at home on dark wintery days. In compiling this fashion mood board I drew inspiration from smooth stones, the mauve in seashells and the softness of snowflakes.
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17 Jan INDIGO AND ORANGE: A Summer Mood Board

After starting off my Summer wardrobe with monochrome key pieces I like to add a bit of colour to reflect the vibrant weather. Blue and yellow are obvious choices when you are surrounded by beach culture but there are a few variations on these colours that refine your beach style. Indigo and burnt orange are deeper shades that remind me of the depths of the ocean and the glow of bronzed skin. Because they are so different from each other on the colour spectrum they also make great contrasting pieces when combining them in one look. To help you delve in to the world of bohemian colour I have put together a mood board that draws indigo and orange inspiration from all areas of style...
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