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Magali Pascal Rousseau Dress

11 May Investing in a Long Sleeve Dress this Year

The white long sleeve dress has made a return to stores recently with the arrival of autumn's crisp air. Just as versatile in spring, its light colour and longer coverage strikes the perfect balance for trans-seasonal dressing. Typically airy in their construction, a long sleeve dress is perfect for layering up when the weather turns cold. As a traveller, pieces like this are essential when moving through multiple climates. Whether you're preparing for winter ahead or about to step into summer, here are some simples ways you can style a long sleeve dress all year round...
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Spring fashion Marks and Spencer

02 Sep Useful Spring Fashion Trends for Travelling

The arrival of a new season not only marks a change in our wardrobe options but also opens up new locations and destinations for travel. In spring, outfit choices are more about soaking up the sun again and being playful with light, floaty fabrics. On the travel front, gardens and beaches open back up for business as destinations prepare for a busy summer influx. As we mark the first week of spring here in Australia I wanted to share with you my favourite pieces for making an easy transition out of winter. Longer hemlines are balanced with bare shoulders and shoes are back to baring ankles. Some spring fashion trends in particular work well for travel, striking a balance between practicality and style. Lets take a look at the pieces that do it best, without breaking the bank...
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Ubirr Rock sunset view

08 Aug See the Special Sunset of Ubirr Rock

As soon as I locked in my trip to Darwin in the Northern Territory I knew that sunsets would be high on my list of priorities. Apart from the popular Mindil Beach view where the sun sets over the water, I was also keen to experience a glowing red sun from Kakadu itself, where the land is seemingly sunburnt. Being a couple of hours from Darwin, it was going to be hard to find the best sunset spot before dusk, especially considering how often we stopped for photos (and a crocodile tour) along the way. What we didn't expect, after completely winging it with a painted roadside map, was to find a vantage point as spectacular as Ubirr Rock. From the start of the walk, glowing red dirt marks the way to Aboriginal rock art which adorns this sacred site. A stroll along the rock face sees the huge escarpment reveal itself towering over the wetlands below. We spent the afternoon walking up the rocks and ultimately watching the sun glow red before setting behind a burning countryside.
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black lace dress sleeves

21 Jul How to Best Style a Lace Dress for Winter

Lace, in its delicate and light form, usually emerges from our closets in spring and summer when the warm weather calls for barely-there fabrics. In winter it often appears in the form of a trim or partial overlay that can look like an afterthought. A full lace dress however, makes this fabric the hero piece, providing the perfect staple for a feminine wardrobe. This season, winter dresses have (thankfully) been more stubborn in their transition from the warmer months, with sheer fabrics and lace replacing heavy woolen styles. A black lace dress in particular bridges the gap between seasons, with its darker shade and sturdy construction. Today I'm sharing my tips for styling a black lace dress when you just don't want to let go of the sun...
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weekend getaway style

14 Jun A New Take on Winter Getaway Outfits

Winter time is great motivation for a quick weekend getaway. You don't have to travel far from the major cities to find comfort in the cold. Crackling log fires, hearty food and a robust red await those seeking an escape from the working week. Or if you're like me you'll just get completely shown up in a game of scrabble (thank god for spell check). Evenings by the fire and mornings in the fog have traditionally called for heavy winter getaway outfits. In the daytime however, there's room to be more playful in your dressing as the sun comes out to warm up the air. This year, winter dresses take on a romantic feel with sheer, billowing fabric and long, tailored sleeves. Perfect for weekends with your partner (or the girls), these pieces are a refreshing take on winter wear and can be layered up according to the chill factor. I took some of my favourite new-season pieces down to the Southern Highlands recently to show you a more feminine take on winter getaway outfits...
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