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Packing List Long Weekend

13 Apr Easy Packing Guide for a Stunning Long Weekend

The long weekend brings extra opportunities for relaxation, catch-ups or adventure. If you're heading away this long weekend you're lucky enough to have four days straight to broaden your travel further. With enough time to do all of the above, packing for a range of activities is essential. But in the rush to get out the door after work it can be hard to gather enough options without overpacking. That's why I've put together a formula for packing that will narrow your wardrobe down in no time...
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Packing List Tasmania

27 Mar The Best Items to Pack for Tasmania

Tasmania's rugged landscape is not only is a major drawcard for nature lovers but an insight into its dramatic weather conditions. All year round, Tasmania can be quite cold, with some pleasantly warm days sneaking in around summer. Visitor numbers boom over the new year period, with pristine beaches a big part of the island state's appeal. A common mistake made by summer travellers is to pack a beachy wardrobe without a Tassie-proof contingency plan. Add to this, a mix of adventure and 5-star experiences, and you've got the ultimate packing conundrum. After spending two weeks in Tassie and experiencing everything from campervan cook-ups to waterfront dining, I narrowed down the key pieces for tackling any Tasmanian travel experience.
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Santorini Greece packing guide

10 Jan The Best Items to Pack for Summer in Greece

Greece is such an iconic summer destination where each year, seemingly everyone you know, goes to soak up the warmer weather and torment you with it in your news feed :) Not too long ago I was one of those people (#sorrynotsorry) and after 2 weeks on the islands, managed to narrow down the most important items in my suitcase. With some almighty hill climbs in places like Santorini, it pays to keep your bag weight to a minimum. Thankfully summer in Greece makes it easy to travel light with bulky warm pieces completely unnecessary. So that you can get the most out of your suitcase, I've put together a packing guide that focuses on complementary, lightweight pieces that also reflect that Greek Island feel...
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Alhambra palace Generalife patio

13 Nov How to Buy Alhambra Palace Tickets at the Door

The Alhambra is a Moorish palace and fortress which sits atop Al-Sabika hill in Granada, Spain. The grounds of this 13th century rebuild, which span 740 meters in length, boast sweeping views over the city below. In 2014 alone, the Alhambra saw 2.4 million people visit its grounds with over 9,000 people passing through on its busiest day. It's no wonder then that tickets are hard to come by with online sales exhausted months in advance. When we were planning our road trip through southern Spain I added an extra day in Granada just to be sure we would have enough time to explore this magnificent site. To my surprise (and indeed my denial) all of the tickets were gone for our travel dates when I first tried to book online one month out. Determined to see the intricate architecture up close I decided I would go to the site each day that we were in Granada to try and grab any tickets that were released on the day. After a recce and an early wake-up the following day I managed to get Alhambra Palace tickets at the door and spent a whole day exploring the site. Today I share my tips and tricks with anyone who may have missed out on pre-sale tickets themselves or who isn't sure yet of their travel dates. It turns out there are a few simple steps for making the buying process a whole lot easier...
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The Vault Files travel photo wall 1

11 Jul Creating the Perfect Travel Photo Wall

A dedicated travel photo wall in your house is a great way to cherish travel memories and create a talking point for visiting family and friends. With the rise of digital media, most of our photos are stored solely online, leaving nothing tangible to collect and display when you return home. Like a lot of trends though, things eventually come full circle and the advancements in mobile editing have in turn introduced mobile photographers to the aesthetic values of film and the print medium. Filter packs that emulate film stock are arguably the most popular choice for Instagram users and third-party printing apps allow you to develop an image that would otherwise exist only in digital form. With so much emphasis on creating a recognisable 'look' through our online feeds it is only fitting to bring your photography prints into the home, a place where your lifestyle and tastes are already apparent. With lust-worthy photo walls flooding Pinterest it is important to not underestimate the potential of your own travel imagery (whether professional or not) to transform blank walls into a chic homage to travel. Through photography, typography and language there are plenty of simple ways to create a cohesive and personal travel photo wall in your own home... 
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